By Ángel Guillén

Presenting the project to SixthStory.


After developing the re-branding project for Brit Food, we had the opportunity to present our results to the Sixth Story team in their own studio. This was my experience.

Although I had already presented some of my projects to clients before, I am always feeling nervous before meetings, even knowing that it is only an university project . As soon as I put the first foot in the studio, I began to feel the creativity flowing in that space. I could see the workers talking friendly with each other, receiving us with the desire to listen us and opening their doors so that we could feel comfortable and at home.

I decided not to prepare any structured text of what I was going to say in my presentation, since I considered that the project was already part of me, and did not need to memorize my explanation. Although I did provide a certain structure of the contents of my presentation.

I think the best way to present a project to a client is to show your confidence of what you have done, with a fun and entertaining presentation, and even allowing me to use humour from time to time. So I did it.

On the screen I barely showed text and gave great importance to the image, because what I considered important was what I was saying, and if the client spent time reading the same info on the screen, I could lose their attention. In this way I feel more comfortable explaining what I consider appropriate without being limited by the presentation.

When I finished, I realized the difference between presenting a project to a normal client, and presenting it to graphic design professionals. The terminology to be used and the way of explaining things change a lot, since from the other side they also understand design, which does not always happen with all the clients, which are guided more by personal preferences.

The feedback from the staff, especially from Joel, was incredible. It was very enriching to receive feedback from graphic design professionals and how they helped us to get better with their words.

I really appreciate the opportunity to show our work directly to professionals. Now I feel a bit more confident to face a client presentation in the future!

Brit Food presentation.