Friday Night Lights Experience


I was chosen to show one of my projects at the Friday Night Lights event at BCU.

How I develop my Professional Career


In this post I will explain how I manage my profiles and how I use them to make contacts and expand my possibilities.

My experience working at Big Cat Agency, Birmingham


During my mobility programme in Birmingham at BCU I not only had the opportunity to study abroad, but also to work in a design and marketing agency, Big Cat Agengy, in the city center.

“Reality is somehow what we expect it to be” expo at Ikon


I visited the Ikon Gallery to see Haroon Mirza’s exhibition called “reality is somehow what we expect it to be”. I did not know what I was attending to before entering the gallery, so it was a huge surprise full of discoveries.

Rick Poynor TypeTalk about David King work


Last November I attended Rick Poynor’s TypeTalk about the work of David King, a fantastic British designer.

My experience printing my Lookbook as it was a newspaper.


When they proposed the creation of a Lookbook to show the BCU fashion design students work, I decided to go for an alternative way of doing it.

Presenting the project to SixthStory


After developing the re-branding project for Brit Food, we had the opportunity to present our results to the Sixth Story team in their own studio. This was my experience.

BritFood rebranding process


Development assets of the rebranding project for BritFood.


Triclops, a toys company talk at BCU


Last month we were able to attend to a talk from Triclops Studio at BCU, a toy design company characterized by its originality and its ability to find original market niches.

Experience at the BCU Careers Fest


A few days ago I attended the Careers Event organized by the Bitmingham City University, with companies from all sectors offering opportunities to work with them to the students of the university.

Visiting “Waiting for the UFOs exposition” at Ikon Gallery


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David Carson TypeTalk changed my way of seeing graphic design


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the talk organized by the BCU with David Carson as the special guest. I was expectant of what Carson could teach us that evening.

How world cultures affect graphic design (Article)


In this article, I am writing about my experiences and influences when designing not only for other cultures, but how the rest of what surrounds us affects in our work.

Shani Avni TypeTalk and how important is multicultural typography


At the beginning of the course I had the opportunity to go to Shani Avni TypeTalk at BCU. After seeing the passion she showed towards typography, I thought about how important it is in graphic design.