By Ángel Guillén

How I develop my Professional Career


Nowadays, having an adequate presence on the Internet is crucial when working as a graphic designer. Being aware of this, I try to keep updated all my information on social networks and provide new content in regularly. In this post I will explain how I manage my profiles and how I use them to make contacts and expand my possibilities.


I have my own personal website (www.angelguillen.net), where this blog is hosted, to show some of my projects. I prefer to use this format to show my portfolio for some considerable reasons.

The first advantage is that I can update it constantly, unlike a physical portfolio or a PDF. If I contact a company and they decide to check my portfolio after a few months, they will have the most updated version, as it is a website.

Another advantage is the ease of sharing. It is not necessary to attach any file to emails, easy to remember and accessible on all devices.

I also have a PDF version in the case it is absolutely necessary, keeping the same content as my website and with a similar visual style.


I have a PDF version of my resume updated every month, with a simple but effective style, summarizing my studies and work experience. You can access it through the section of my website (www.angelguillen.net/angel), where you can download it in three languages (English, Spanish and Catalan).


Instagram is one of the social networks that I use most to show my work (www.instagram.com/angelguillendesign).  I have a profile totally dedicated to graphic design. I recently started using it, but I have structured all the content and I follow a uniform visual style. I follow the design studies I admire and in which I would like to work, while I meet professionals from all over the world sharing our passion for graphic design.


I have been using LinkedIn for years while working as an Architect, but recently updated it with all my new details, focusing my profile (www.linkedin.com/in/angelguillen) on graphic design. On LinkedIn I keep in touch not only with my previous colleagues, but also my new ones at the Big Cat Agency (Birmingham) as well as in networking with other professionals of the industry.



Although I do not use this tool as much as Instagram or my own website, I have some of my works and I follow numerous studies of graphic design. In the future I would like to dedicate time to upload my main projects to my Behance profile (www.behance.net/angelguillen).