By Ángel Guillén

My experience working at Big Cat Agency.


During my mobility programme in Birmingham at BCU I not only had the opportunity to study abroad, but also to work in a design and marketing agency, Big Cat Agengy, in the city center.

Big Cat is a multidisciplinary study that has professionals from different areas (graphic design, marketinc, acocunts, etc.) working together to carry out different types of projects for many companies. I had the pleasure of being part of his team during my 3-month intenrnship, working for the first time as graphic designer in an agency of this style. This is what I learned.

To begin with, the experience of working in an agency as a graphic designer for the first time. At Big Cat I have learned a different way to work, where you have to be ready to control many different types of projects at the same time. I had worked in a team as a technical architect before, but re-experiencing that now as a graphic designer has been really positive.

I think one of the best characteristics of Big Cat is its variety of professionals working together to develop their projects. I have really enjoyed agency way of working. You keep learning from your colleagues and becoming not only a better professional, but also create personal connections. I loved the agency lifestyle, and the team parties!

To continue, the satisfaction of working on real projects. It has been really enjoyable to work for very different companies, with diverse types of projects, from advertising design, to mailing, branding, printing design… I feel I have improved my versatility as a professional.

Being part of Big Cat has made me improve as a designer too. I have been able to apply and increase the skills that I already had in a real and professional environment, and also to continue learning new abilities I will surely apply to my next projects. I am prepared to work under a high pressure and deadlines and tackle all the troubles that could appear while working with clients.

Talking about employability, it is a great advantage to have worked in a big agency like Big Cat, which I am sure will open many doors in the future when I continue working as a graphic designer. An I will never forget my first experience in an Agency!

Finally, this internship has provided me with benefits on a personal level. Starting my career as a graphic designer, in a different country, with another language different to mine and with little previous experience has meant a great personal challenge. It has helped me to improve my future employability in the UK, and help me to take my first steps in the graphic industry.

Proud to be a Big Cat!