By Ángel Guillén

“Reality is somehow what we expect it to be” expo at Ikon


I visited the Ikon Gallery to see Haroon Mirza’s exhibition called “reality is somehow what we expect it to be”. I did not know what I was attending to before entering the gallery, so it was a huge surprise full of discoveries.

As soon as I entered the room with the circle of light and the explosion of sound, called An_Infinato, I got shocked. The way in which the artist uses light, electricity and sound to alter our perception of reality is unbelievable.

Continuing with the tour, I realised how Mirza adapts his work to the different spaces, to its sonority, to its luminosity, to welcome us to a path of sensations. The intermediate room, with colored LEDs that progressively light up to the rhythm of the noises, gets your attention completely.

With Haroon Mirza I learned how using totally different energy and materials we can send our artistic message. I think it’s important to go beyond the physical limits and explore new ways of creating communicative pieces. And this exhibition has illuminated a new way to discover in my professional life.


Me at the exposition at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.