By Ángel Guillén

Triclops, a toys company talk at BCU


Last month we were able to attend to a talk from Triclops Studio at BCU, a toy design company characterized by its originality and its ability to find original market niches.

During the talk, Luc Hudson, a toy designer from the studio, explained what the process of creating a toy is like, where curiously the role of the illustrator and the graphic designer can be very important.

One of the issues to consider when creating a toy is the fact of the genre. You should try to create a product that can be adapted to all audiences, avoiding stereotypes and ultimately with the aim of creating toys without gender. I think it is very important to contemplate inclusion and break the taboos regarding gender that have been affecting our society for so many years. Children should learn from an early age that there are no limits to their goals, feelings and self being, and the toys can be their first step.

To continue, they told us how important it is to get into the skin of kids. When designing they must forget that they are adults, and try to go back to their childhood and think how they would do it and feel like, so they can reach their target and achieve success.

And finally, I never considered the role of graphic designers and illustrators in the toy industry. I think it could be an interesting area in which to look for work and exploration, since at the end of the day it is all about creativity and how to reach your audience and expand your message.



Me at the Triclops talk.

@laura.lutzz at the Triclops talk.

Luc Hudson from Triclops Studio.